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Quality commitment


The relationship with customers, the search for their satisfaction and their trust are part of the culture of Bouma society. This is reflected in particular by the level of technical equipment in manufacturing and control or by the CAPM information system.

These challenges are based on an eminently collective value: maintaining our customers trust at the highest level by fully satisfying their requirements while increasing the commitment of everyone within the company.

Our quality policy therefore remains oriented towards strengthening our organization and the daily involvement of all.


The values ofcertificates Iso 9001 and EN 9100, understanding of internal/external issues and choice of actions to take in response to identified issues, continuous improvement of our organization and customer satisfaction with regard to the production of our components/equipment and our aeronautical tool repairs, help us in this process.

​They also ensure the consideration of legal and regulatory requirements relating to our business.


The quality system is based on four processes:

  1. company management

  2. quality supports

  3. industrialization

  4. achievement


the respecting their methods makes it possible to achieve the following goals: ensure efficient scheduling in order to always meet deadlines, optimize the profitability of our manufacturing thanks to self-checks (series and tools), guarantee the traceability of our aeronautical manufacturing, demonstrate a level of expertise both in the production of assemblies and in the repair of tools,ensure the economic stability of the company.


The efficiency of the Bouma company is monitored by various indicators related to our performance: compliance with deadlines, analysis of non-conformities, … The “DOPE” strategic analysis and the management review provide a periodic framework for deciding on our performance and deciding on structuring actions to increase it. These actions are identified in DOPE 7 and planned in DOPE 8, which serves as our strategic master plan.



For 2022/2023,
the external and internal challenges of the Bouma company are as follows:


  • Know how to operate in a degraded logistical context

  • Develop a non-aeronautical clientele

  • Protect staff from COVID

  • Survive in a context degraded by the consequences of Covid health measures

  • Pay attention to suppliers

  • Preparing for the retirement of the foreman


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